Founder and President, LoSoMo Inc.

Going Beyond the Basics of Facebook Advertising

Facebook is blowing the lid off last-click attribution models and teaching marketers the effectiveness of layering their marketing efforts. Veronica will show you how to make Facebook ads work for your business by looking at top brands and franchises and how they made Facebook their #1 direct conversion assistant.

In Veronica's session, you’ll learn:

  • Where in Google Analytics you can find your true Facebook story.
  • Four advanced targeting techniques you can start using today.
  • How to layer Google Ads and Facebooks Ads for maximum impact.
  • What Inspires Veronica?
    Unbounce polled six of the expert marketers from this year’s CTA and asked what talks have blown them away—and why. If you’re looking for more nuggets of wisdom from your favorite speaker, you’ll find plenty to chew on in these recommendations.

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