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Beyond Google: How To Attract Relevant Traffic Through Diverse Channels

Many of us spend a disproportionate amount of time focused on generating traffic from Google and AdWords. We pray that our featured snippets lasts forever and hope that our competitors never outrank us. In a world where SERPs are quickly changing and algorithms are wiping out entire business models, it's becoming important for marketers to embrace a diverse set of channels for traffic and attention.

In Ross' session, you'll learn:

  • What brands can do to spread their story beyond SEO and SEM.
  • How brands can leverage communities and other networks to drive consistent traffic.
  • The importance of diverse channels, based on research and data.
  • Real-life examples of what happens when you embrace a more diverse content approach.
  • What Inspires Ross?
    Unbounce polled six of the expert marketers from this year’s CTA and asked what talks have blown them away—and why. If you’re looking for more nuggets of wisdom from your favorite speaker, you’ll find plenty to chew on in these recommendations.

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