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Content Marketing is Broken and Only Your M.O.M. Can Save You

Traditional content marketing focuses on educational value at the expense of product value, which is a broken and outdated way of thinking. We all need to sell a product, and our visitors all need a product to improve their lives, but we’re so afraid of being seen as salesy that somehow we got lost, and we forgot why our content even exists.

We need our M.O.M.s!

I’m talking about your Marketing Optimization Map. Your M.O.M. is your guide to exploring the nuances of optimized content marketing through a product-focused lens.

In Oli's session, you’ll learn:

  • How you can use data and lessons learned from his biggest ever content marketing experiment to change your approach to content marketing.
  • A context-to-content-to-conversion strategy for big content that converts, based on designing for your customer’s “aha!” moments.
  • Advanced methods for creating “choose your own adventure” navigational experiences to build event-based behavioural profiles of your visitors.
  • Innovative ways to productize and market the technology you already have, with use cases your customers have never considered.
  • What's Unbounce?
    Unbounce is the market-leading landing page and conversion platform. Our drag-and-drop builder lets you publish on-brand landing pages, popups, and sticky bars on your own domain—in a fraction of the time it would take with a developer. It’s a brilliant way to get more leads without increasing your advertising budget.

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