Head of Evangelism for Search , Microsoft

AI and Unchatted Territory

AI is reordering our lives and redefining marketing. Roughly every ten years something comes along to disrupt and shift how we interact with technology. One of the core disruptors today comes from the shift from consumers using touch as the primary user interface to voice as the primary interface—led by conversational AI technologies and intelligent agents such as digital assistants/virtual assistants, chat bots, and voice skills. In this session, Christi will briefly outline the AI landscape and how AI is impacting marketing today. Then dive into conversational AI and the role that intelligent agents and voice search play into this landscape to identify the opportunity for brands today.

In Christi's session, you'll learn:

  • The different types of AI and the impact conversational AI will have on consumer engagement.
  • How to develop a content strategy for voice search and conversational AI.
  • How to identify the technical and onsite components that search engines use for voice search.
  • Trends in voice search today, including top words (ngrams) in voice search queries, local and localized queries, voice vs. text queries and voice query structure.


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