Data Protection Officer, Unbounce

From (Fr)enemies to BFFs: How Marketing and Data Privacy Can Learn to Get Along

Data breaches. Equifax. GDPR. Cambridge-Analytica. Facebook. Google. Russian hackers. For the first time, the entire world is prioritizing data privacy. What’s a digital marketer to do when data is your bread and butter? Although increased scrutiny and new rules might feel like a marketer’s worst enemy, privacy and marketing can learn to be solid friends.

In Bethany's session, you'll learn:

  • Why privacy is a smart investment for marketers.
  • How privacy compliance promotes trust between marketers and leads.
  • How the cost of investing in privacy is less than the cost of fines and brand damage (and how it can become an asset to a brand).
  • How better privacy means better security, marketable trust, and more leads and sales.
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