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Wind at Your Back: Making Your Market Category Work for You

Vicious competition, saturated media, overwhelmed customers. Have you ever felt that winning in your market is like swimming against a very strong current? It doesn't have to be this way. April will teach you how to turn market headwinds into a tailwind that will blow the doors off your marketing efforts, and how to set your offering in a context that takes advantage of market momentum and helps you avoid unfavourable market drag.

In April's session, you'll learn:

  • How to effectively shift to a favourable market category that can give your marketing programs added velocity.
  • How to completely change the way customers think about your offering to remove friction in your funnel.
  • The three steps for shifting market categories isolating your differentiators, finding your downstream customers and picking the best market current to ride.
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    Have more questions about how to position your product? Read April Dunford’s Q&A with Unbounce to hear what she thinks are the most common mistakes businesses make when going to market and how you can avoid them. You can read the full interview, including detailed answers not found in this talk, on our blog.

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