Jessica Best

You Can't Convert What Your Prospects Don't See: Turbo Boosting Your Email Conversion Rate

According to ReturnPath, 25% of valid email marketing never makes it to the inbox. On top of that, 40% of your email list hasn't opened an email from you in over a year. Testing variations in copy won't tell you anything if your email gets stuck in a spam filter. The blue button or the red button can only impact your email conversion rate so much if a third of your list isn't going to open it.

Email marketing has been lauded as the most efficient dollars you can spend in any marketing channel. But only if it gets through to your contacts. Jessica will share 2 guaranteed ways -- yes, really! -- to boost your email marketing conversion rates.

During this session you’ll learn:

  • A cross-channel win back campaign to recapture some of that "lost list"
  • How to determine what percent of your emails are actually getting to your subscribers
  • 4 things every email marketer must do to give their emails the best chance at hitting the inbox
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